(Re)Acting Romanticism: Disability and Women Writers Micro-Fund Project Announcement

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We are delighted to announce that Harriet McKinley-Smith, DPhil student has been awarded a TORCH Humanities micro-fund grant for her project to engage with visitors at Wordsworth Grasmere and bring attention to the experiences of Romantic women writers with disabilities. Her plan to hold online workshops with students with disabilities to explore their responses to writing by authors such as Dorothy Wordsworth, Mary Robinson, and Susanna Blamire. This will then form the basis of an exhibition in the Community Gallery at the Wordsworth Museum.


Harriet said:

'I am very grateful to have received Humanities Cultural Programme funding, in partnership with Wordsworth Grasmere, for my project. I think we all have a considerable amount to learn from the experiences of those with disabilities, and the workshops I will run as part of the project will allow them to guide and shape the project. Through the exhibition, I will also be able to showcase the voices of women with disabilities, both past and present, in order to initiate an important conversation with visitors to the Wordsworth Museum. I am extremely excited that my Collaborative Doctoral Award has developed into this challenging and meaningful project.’





To find out more about the Humanities Cultural Programme funded Micro-Fund project please visit:

(Re)Acting Romanticism: Disability and Women Writers