Sampling the City with Shiva Feshareki Micro-Fund Project Announcement

image of shiva


We are delighted to announce that Daniel Hulme ( Faculty of Music, EMPRes Group) has recently been awarded a Humanities Cultural Programme grant for their ‘Sampling the City with Shiva Feshareki’ Micro-Fund project, that aims to connect different areas of cultural and academic life in Oxford, affording unique voices and narratives to distil into a collaborative work and performance with Shiva Feshareki.



Shiva is an award-winning British-Iranian experimental composer and artist, described as the most “cutting-edge expression of turntablism” and as “One of the most astonishing acts of musical alchemy of the last decade” (BBC Radio 3’s Tom Service). She exists at the intersection of many artistic scenes, experimenting with electronic & club music, concert & orchestral, art & design and free improvisation.


Daniel Hulme said: "We are delighted, and thankful to the HCP for their help in establishing what we think will be an incredibly fruitful and far-reaching project, with impact on the city both culturally and academically. We hope to explore hidden pockets of cultural production within the city and talk to community cultural stakeholders to hear different perspectives and explore potential collaborations."



To find out more about the Humanities Cultural Programme funded Micro-Fund project please visit: EMPRes: Sampling the City with Shiva Feshareki


Image credit: Victor Frankowski