The Oxford Dodo: Culture at the Crossroads

The registration for 'The Oxford Dodo: Culture at the Crossroads' is now open. The Oxford Dodo event is being held at the Museum of Natural History, Oxford, on Wednesday 18 November 2015, from 5.30 pm - 7.00 pm. This event is part of Being Human 2015, the UK's only national festival of the humanities.

'The dodo: an icon of extinction, and a powerful symbol of humanity's impact on the environment. It crosses disciplinary lines, encompassing literature, science, the arts, geography. It haunts our imagination, from Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland to David Quammen's The Song of the Dodo to the Natural History Museum's very own exhibit on this extraordinary and elusive creative. What did it sound like? How did it really look? Why are we left to reconstruct, from a few bones, this creature that seems so real and touches us so immediately?' - Kirsten Shepherd-Barr

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