The Thriving Researcher

The Thriving Researcher

As researchers, we all have ups and downs. If and when the downs get very bad, it might become clear to us that we need support. But there’s a world of space between being happy and fulfilled in our work, and that point at which we might, finally, admit there’s a problem and seek help.

Many – perhaps even most – researchers are working in that space. Most of us live with conditions and experiences that can have profound impacts on our capacities as researchers.

The Thriving Researcher, hosted by Dr Eleanor Pritchard, is a new initiative that enables researchers to come together to share their experiences and learn how to thrive in the face of challenges and isolation.

A helpful blog provides information about resources that can be accessed during the lockdown - not just academic resources, but resources for adults on staying well and entertained, and resources for children currently at home.

A series of free, regular online meetups are held via Zoom. In addition to informal coffee mornings (meet other researchers but talk about anything other than your research!), meetups are hosted on topics such as:

  • Working with difficult feedback
  • COVID-19 and your research
  • Academic networking
  • Living with uncertainty

The Thriving Researcher welcomes all researchers from any discipline and with any institutional affiliation (or none). To find out more, visit The Thriving Researcher webpage.