Third lockdown poetry film by the Landschaft Collective ‘We were here’

woman in floaty white dress walks down stone path in a green garden

We are delighted to share the third lockdown poetry film by the Landschaft Collective: Wir waren hier' We were here - produced for the Droste Festival 2021, Münster; after a poem by German writer Annette von Droste-Hülshoff; and with translations from Professor Karen Leeder. Professor Leeder also leads the Landschaft project funded as part of the Humanities Cultural Programme.


This poetry film turns a verse by German 19th century poet Annette von Droste-Hülshoff into the chorus of a poetic hymn for the freedom of gender roles. A dark magical dance between the centuries, but for true companionship.


"a balloon can sink. just think. / a balloon cannot be steered. / so write in the warmer air: // we were here. / you were propane / & I your flame."


Written, composed & produced by Poesiekollektiv Landschaft.



LYRICS, VOICE & STARRING Ulrike Almut Sandig 

INSTRUMENTALS Grigory Semenchuk

DRESS DESIGN Estefania Conrad @psychartistin

AUDIO PRODUCTION Klangkosmonauten Berlin (D) & Shpytal Records (UA)

FILM & PRODUCTION Sascha Conrad 


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