TORCH Goes Digital! AI, Technology, and the Humanities

Blue background with text reading "TORCH Goes Digital! AI, Technology and the Humanities"

Good morning, and welcome to the first official day of #TORCHGoesDigital!

We are very excited to show you what our marvellous networks and programmes have produced, centred on the theme "AI, Technology, and the Humanities".

This week, we will be considering questions such as:

  • Can autonomous machines be creative and truly create art?
  • How can we coexist with machines that inherently lack human values?
  • What values should we embed in AI?
  • Is it possible to teach machines ethics, empathy or compassion?

We will also be releasing the topic and terms of our highly anticipated Flash Fiction competition very soon, so stay tuned! 

Remember, we are happy to feature any and all content submissions related to this theme, be it a poem, artwork, blog post, or book review!

Unleash your creativity, and send any and all suggestions and content to