TORCH Goes Digital! Environmental Humanities

environmental humanities poster

"In our exclusively social contracts, we have dropped the bonds that attach us to the world, those that bind temporality to temperature, time to weather, those that put social sciences and physics, history and geography, law and nature, politics and physics, into relation; the bond that directs our language to silent, passive, obscure things that because of our excesses take back their voice, presence, activity, light. We can no longer neglect it." (Michel Serres)

Good morning, and welcome to the third week of #TORCHGoesDigital! The first two weeks have been incredibly successful, and we have been so delighted with the quality of the content submissions. 

This week, we are focusing on the theme "Environmental Humanities". We have carefully curated a brilliant programme of blog posts, podcasts, news articles, poems, performances and more.

This week, we will be considering questions such as:

  • What is queer ecology? 
  • How does human activity (historical, contemporary, and imagined) shape the world around us?
  • How can tracing such activity contribute to a deeper understanding of the environment?
  • What do historical, scientific, aesthetic, or fictive modes of investigation reveal about our relationship with the ‘natural’ world?

We will also be releasing the topic and terms of our highly anticipated Poetry competition very soon, so stay tuned! 

Remember, we are happy to feature any and all content submissions related to this theme, be it a poem, artwork, blog post, or book review!

Unleash your creativity, and send any and all suggestions and content to