Trinity 2019 Heritage Pathways Events Announced

hailes abbey frater

Heritage Pathway’s Trinity Term programme explores how to build a career in the heritage sector. It will explore the skills needed, the breadth of jobs and employment opportunities available, and how to build your CV to enable success in interviews. Featuring prominent guest speakers from a range of organisations, the sessions will explore what employers want and how academic research feeds into the heritage sector. 

All sessions, with the exception of the Field Trip in Week 6, take place in the 3rd Floor Seminar Room, Radcliffe Humanities Building, Woodstock Road, OX2 6GG. Sessions start at 3pm and conclude by 5pm and are followed by a networking drinks reception.

  • This session will focus on how to boost your CV and write compelling cover letters when applying for jobs in the heritage sector. It will provide top tips for how to build your practical experience and how to articulate the transferable skills gained through your studies at Oxford. It will also highlight common pitfalls and errors in applications and how to interrogate job descriptions to ask what, exactly, employers want.

  • Heritage Pathway: Landscapes and the Natural Environment | Thursday 23 May 2019

    This session will explore the variety of research opportunities and careers outside the walls of the museum and the heritage attraction, to highlight innovative and exciting work in landscapes, gardens and natural environment. It will discuss projects that engage audiences and researchers with natural heritage, explore the potential for interdisciplinary research, and outline audience motivations for visiting the great outdoors.

  • Heritage Pathway: Commercial Heritage | Thursday 30 May 2019
    This session will explore the role of commercial heritage organisations in the UK and international heritage and museums sector. Speakers will discuss the variety of ways in which commercial firms interact with charitable trusts, and the role of specialist consultancy and advice in creating sustainable organisations. The session will also explore working as a freelance consultant.

  • Heritage Pathway: Field Trip | Thursday 6 June 2019
    The final event for the 2018-2019 Heritage Pathway is a field trip to Gloucestershire to explore Hailes Abbey (English Heritage) and Sudeley Castle. This field trip will interrogate the visitor experience and interpretative techniques at both sites. At Hailes, a new museum space brings to life 300 years of piety, culture and tradition. At Sudeley, we will explore the only private castle to have a queen buried within its grounds, Katherine Parr, and discuss the challenges of balancing a private home with a visitor attraction.

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