The King Tut Collective; Pharaoh Friday 18 November Ashmolean Museum

Pharaoh Friday on the 18 November at the Ashmolean Museum welcomes a diverse range of talented artists and performers to Oxford. Egypt has inspired so many generations in so many ways - with the centenary of the re-discovery of King Tutankhamun's Tomb in November 1922, we have brought together artists and researchers to commemorate Egypt and its influence on the world around it. 

Part of the Being Human Festival

A group of artists have come together as the 'King Tut Collective' - Rania Hedia El Agami Raine, Tasneem El-Meshad, Sehu, Aïda Eltorie, Farah Barakat, Fouad Hammoud, Asmaa Elnawawy, Ahmed Fawaz and the Bassett House School. They will be part of Pharaoh Friday and their exhibition will be on display in Oxford from 30 November at St John's College, and move onto the Egyptian Cultural Education Bureau in London. 

Egypt Season image credit: Griffith Institute watercolour 204 (University of Oxford) ⓒ Griffith Institute, University of Oxford


The artists of the King Tut Collective 2022

Rania Hedia El Agami Raine

rania fav

Tasneem El-Meshad 

tasneem el meshad

Farah Barakat

Black-and-white photo of a woman with curly hair leaning against a wall, with her face partly sunlit

Fouad Hammoud

fouad hammoud rgb

Aida Eltorie

aida eltorie

Sehu Sujar


Ahmed Fawaz

ahmed fawaz
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