An update from Young Women's Music Project:

Recently we met with TORCH and learnt some new skills from Prof Gascia Ouzounian (Faculty of Music) who explained about her research methods and what we could do to narrow down our own research, she also gave us some ideas on how we could present the evidence we find.

Over the past few weeks we have been working out what facts and figures we want to gather, what comparisons we want to make and how we are going to source the relevant information.

We have explored ideas of evidencing the first experiences of young women entering musical spaces, what are their access points? How accessible is it to make music when you are 13/14 years old?

What barriers still stop women with more experience from moving forward? Is there enough visibility at every level? Again, how accessible is it to follow a career path in live sound, tour management, promotion?

Keep on following the progress on this blog and on our social networks!

Zahra Tehrani

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