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A new series of collaborative opportunities is being fostered by the Ashmolean Museum and the TORCH Knowledge Exchange programme through the Project Portal in order to strengthen existing ties between the Museum and the academic community. We want to encourage both researchers and graduate students to develop project ideas linking their research to the museum’s forthcoming exhibitions. We hope that university members will take advantage of the potential of the museum's exhibition content to enrich their own work, communicate to a wider audience, and to develop new perspectives and questions from which to address familiar issues.

The Ashmolean Museum’s exhibitions are known for the quality of their presentation and for the expertise and scholarship that underpins the programmes. In addition to research and publications connected to the exhibitions, the Museum also provides a lively and engaging series of public and university events connected to exhibition themes, and offers opportunities for further creative expression in the galleries, lecture theatres and seminar rooms, and in its teaching spaces.

Projects have so far been developed around the 2014-2015 exhibition programme on British Artists and the 2015 Eastern Art Painting Gallery exhibitions on early 20th century Asian Artists. Illustrated reports on the projects are now available for the 'William Blake - Apprentice and Master' project and the 'Love Bites - Caricatures by James Gillray' project.


Image of visitors in the gallery: © Ashmolean Museum, University of Oxford (John Cairns photography)

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