Call for Papers: Women's Responses to the Reformation

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Call for Papers

Women’s Responses to the Reformation

Oxford, 23 June 2016

Proposals are invited for a workshop on women’s responses to the Reformation in June 2016.

The 500th anniversary of Martin Luther’s 95 Theses is fast approaching. The University of Oxford has begun preparations to mark this key event in European history, some of which are centred on the Taylor Institution’s collection of Lutheran pamphlets. This workshop focuses specifically on how women from all walks of life, and from across Europe and beyond, responded to the events of the Reformation. In particular, we are interested in exploring women’s cultural and written responses. We are delighted that Professor Ulrike Strasser (UC San Diego) will speak on gender and the Jesuit missions in the Marianas Islands as part of the workshop.

The organisers hope to attract proposals from early career researchers (postgraduate students and postdoctoral researchers) in particular, and seek participation from a broad disciplinary spectrum.

Proposals for papers should include the name, affiliation and contact details (including email address) for all authors, as well as a brief (max. 200 words) abstract and paper title. Please send all proposals to by 1 April 2016. All general inquiries should be sent to the same address.

Possible topics could include:

  1. Women’s correspondence during the Reformation
  2. Women in literature, art, and music during the Reformation
  3. How women used their books during the Reformation
  4. Women and historical writing in the Reformation
  5. Women and politics during the Reformation
  6. Women and Reformation pamphlets
  7. Different responses in different regions
  8. Differing responses throughout the period
  9. Women’s responses across different strands of Protestantism and Catholicism
  10. Effects on family life and marriage


Image from Hortulus Animae. Lustgarten der Seelen (Taylor Institution, shelf mark: 91.H.8)


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