Carolin Overhoff Ferreira - Audiovisual in the Lusophone World


Carolin Overhoff Ferreira is associate professor at the Department of History of Art at the Federal University of São Paulo. She works on the relation between arts and politics, mainly in Lusophone audio-visual culture, but also supervises dissertations on the arts in general, especially contemporary art, theatre and drama.

Her publications include Neue Tendenzen in der Dramatik Lateinamerikas (New Tendencies in Latin-American Drama, 1999), Identity and Difference – Postcoloniality and Transnationality in Lusophone Films (2012), Diálogos Africanos – Um Continente no Cinema (African Dialogues – A continent in Cinema, 2012) and Cinema Português – Aproximações à sua História e Indisciplinaridade (Portuguese cinema – approximations to its history and indisciplinarity, 2014). She edited O Cinema Português Através dos Seus Filmes (Portuguese Cinema through its films, 2007; 2014), Dekalog – On Manoel de Oliveira (2008), Terra em Transe - Ética e Estética no Cinema Português (Land in Anguish – Ethics and Aesthetics in Portuguese cinema, 2012), Manoel de Oliveira – Novas Perspectivas sobre a Sua Obra (Manoel de Oliveira – New perspectives on his oeuvre, 2013) and África: um Continente no Cinema (Africa: a continent in cinema, 2014).

Her articles can be found in numerous books and journals, such as Adaptation, Camera Obscura, Forum Modernes Theater, Journal of African Cinemas, Latin American Theatre Review, Modern Drama, Music and the Moving Image, Studies in European Cinema, Third Text, Transnational Cinemas, etc.

Carolin has just finished her most recent book, Decolonial Introduction to the Theory, History and Criticism of the Arts (Introdução Brasileira à Teoria, História e Crítica das Artes), which is forthcoming in Brazil in the second semester of 2019, as well as in Great Britain in a slightly different version as Decolonial introduction to the theory, history and criticism of the arts.

In Trinity Term Carolin is being hosted by the Sub-Faculty of Portuguese where she will give four lectures on Lusophone audio-visual culture, present the film Sophia de Mello Breyner Andresen (1969) by João Cézar Monteiro as part of a celebration of the centenary of the poet’s birth, present her project at the Portuguese Research Seminar and participate in June in the conference “Culture as resistance in the Lusophone world”.

Her main objective during her stay in Oxford is to finalize the writing of her international project “Imagining Brazil in the audio-visual of the 21st century – new actors, new plots, new utopias?” for which she hopes to engage colleagues from Oxford University across the faculties. It aims to offer a comparative study of Brazilian audio-visual narratives produced in the first two decades of the XXI century by asking how they repeat or reformulate the existing narratives, as much in culture and the arts, as in scholarly interpretations of Brazil. The following key socio-political, cultural, anthropological and historical issues will be considered: colonialism, dictatorship, re-democratization, gender, ethnicity, race and class.


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