CFP: The Thirteenth Oxford Medieval Graduate Conference

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Time: Aspects and Approaches 

March 31st & April 1st 2017, Merton College, Oxford

We are pleased to open the Call for Papers for the Thirteenth Oxford Medieval Graduate Conference, sponsored by the Society for the Study of Medieval Languages and Literature. The conference is aimed at early career scholars and graduate students working in Medieval Studies. Contributions are welcomed from diverse fields of research such as History of Art and Architecture, History of Science, History, Theology, Philosophy, Music, Archaeology, Anthropology, Literature, and History of Ideas. Papers should be a maximum of 20 minutes.

Please email 250-word abstracts (text only, no attachments) to by 22nd January 2017. Suggested topics might include, but are not limited to:

Commemorating the Past:
– Relics and Memory
– Chronicles, Monarchs, and Reigns

Marking, Observing & Dividing Time:
– Books of Hours, Calendars, Feast Days
– Clocks, Sundials, Astrolabes, Volvelles
– (Problematic) Period Boundaries

The Passing of Time:
– Seasons and Weather
– Life Cycles: Pregnancy, Childhood,
and Ageing
– The Reception of the Medieval Past

The End of Time:
– Apocalypse and Judgment
– The Afterlife and Purgatory

Time in Art, Music, and Literature:
– Narrative Time in Different Genres
– The Temporal Aspect of Music: Duration,
Tactus, and Rhythm
– Objects out of Time: Forgeries

Manuscripts in their Time:
– Textual Variance and Mouvance
– Reassembly, Loss, and Conservation

Time’s Uncertainties, Fate, and Fortune:
– Divination and Tarot Cards
– Fortune’s Wheel

Time in Astrology, Medicine & Cookery:
– Eclipses, Lunaries, and the Zodiac
– Medicinal Time: Bloodletting and Surgery
– Recipes and the Preservation of Food

The conference will feature keynote addresses by Professor David d’Avray (UCL) and Professor Eric Stanley (University of Oxford). The registration fee (including a wine reception) is expected to be £10 (tbc). There will be a conference dinner on the first night of the conference; it is hoped that this will cost in the region of £30. All updates and further information, including details of travel bursaries, can be obtained from the conference website:


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