Convocation House recordings

Given the nature of the material in this concert, with a focus on ‘silence’, mindfulness and incidental sound, the recording intentionally deviates from convention by capturing an audience member’s perspective. Positioned towards the rear of Convocation House, the instruments sound distant, the acoustics of the room are accentuated and the rustling of clothes, creaks of wooden seating, coughs and drone of the heating system come to the fore. Little was done in post-production, spare some minor adjustments to the levels and tonal balance in order to best-present the recordings ‘as heard’. To this end, the recording technique chosen employs a pseudo-binaural microphone setup that mimics human hearing by placing two microphones (the ears) either side of a Jecklin disk (the head). As a result, for the most realistic experience, it is recommended that you listen back through headphones. 

I hope these recordings afford you a moment of mindful listening. 

Richard Bentley


Richard is a local sound artist with a research interest in silence, soundscape and the contemplative arts. If you would like to talk with Richard about these recordings or his work, please do contact him at e. or m.07526 768288









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