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Creative Multilingualism began as a research project funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council’s Open World Research Initiative from 2016 to 2020. The project brought together academics from diverse disciplines and institutions to explore the interconnection between languages and creativity.

Creative Multilingualism is now a TORCH programme and all forthcoming events, news and updates are posted here on the TORCH website. The programme is open to exploring all aspects of the interplay between multilingualism and creativity, and we welcome methodological challenges that might arise out of a dialogue between disciplines. We seek to tease out the disciplinary implications of linguistic diversity as a phenomenon that is at the heart of the humanities. Simultaneously, our research draws on the riches of the humanities to reinvigorate the identity of Modern Languages across sectors and social strata. The programme is co-directed by Katrin Kohl (University of Oxford) and Rajinder Dudrah (Birmingham City University).

As part of the Open World Research Initiative, Creative Multilingualism produced a variety of resources, based on its research, from blog posts and teaching resources to podcasts and a collaboratively produced book. You can explore all this content on the Creative Multilingualism legacy website:

Here you will find the following:

Creative Multilingualism: A Manifesto – an interdisciplinary Open Access book published with Open Book Publishers, available as a printed book, e-book, or in freely downloadable form.

LinguaMania: The Podcast – a podcast series which explores some fascinating perspectives on languages and language learning, from metaphor, translation and naming to linguistic diversity in the performing arts, literature and translation,  and creativity in language teaching.

Teaching resources – a selection of resources that enable teachers to bring creativity into the classroom, ranging from drama games and a multilingual song to using creative texts.

Contact: Katrin Kohl:

Twitter: @creativelangs

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