Culture and Experience in the Age of the German Reformation

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This network was funded from March 2014 to March 2016.

The German Reformation did not just remould ritual life and transform theology; it instigated an explosion of a variety of forms of cultural expression, from images, plays and music, moralising books, histories, and chronicles, through to material objects such as altar pieces, oven tiles, and clothes. In this way it created new modes of thinking about the world, and encouraged men and women to experience emotions, sexuality, time, and material culture in different ways. The aim of this network is to unite scholars working on diverse aspects of the Germany in the early modern period to understand these cultural experiences. Whilst existing scholarship has examined elements of this culture in isolation, as yet no major forum exists in which scholars across Europe and beyond can understand the implications of one another’s work. This network sought to aid the co-operation of history, music, art history, theology, and German language departments within Oxford and beyond.

Key Members

Professor Lyndal Roper (Oriel College, Oxford, History Faculty)

Dr Kat Hill (Oriel College, Oxford, History Faculty)

Dr Josh Teplitsky (St Peter's College, Oxford, Oriental Studies)

Dr Hannah Murphy (Oriel College, Oxford, History Faculty)

Dr Johannes Depnering (Oriel College, Oxford Medieval and Modern Languages)

Carla Roth (Balliol College, Oxford, History Faculty)

Edmund Wareham (Jesus College, Oxford, History Faculty)



Professor Lyndal Roper 

Dr Kat Hill

Dr Josh Teplitsky

Dr Hannah Murphy

Dr Johannes Depnering

Carla Roth

Edmund Wareham

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