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Collaborators for this project:

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Beth McDougall

Project Lead

Pitt Rivers Museum




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Project Lead

Urban Music Foundation | Inner Peace Records

Rawz is an MC and Poet hailing from Oxford. He first discovered lyric writing in his early teens and found it an essential way to channel his emotions and organise his thoughts through difficult times growing up in one of the UK’s most deprived areas. Since then, Rawz has performed live all over Europe both as a solo artist and with the Inner Peace Records collective. His music shares his exploration of our interconnected worlds and his responses to them, promoting outer change and advancement through inner reflection and positive action. Rawz does this while covering an unlimited range of topics including love, capitalism, nature, community, crime, science, religion and more.




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Inner Peace Records: Easy Chalmers, Tanga Wanda, Kingsley Pratt-Boyden, Tessa Cavana, Terao Hedges

Musicians: Boni Wanda, Kofi Adu, Shyam Shah, Miles Ncube

Inspire Sounds: Hannah and Kingsley


Sam Mansell, Daw Media

Amelia Jackson

Students from SAE Institute 

Advice and Guidance

Researchers:  Professor Jason Stanyek (St.Johns College, UO), Assistant Professor Noel Lobley, (McIntire Department of Music, University of Virginia)


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Oxfordshire Contemporary Music 



Baby J, Baby People, Derby