Digital Humanities and Sensory Heritage Network


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Image Credit: Digital encounter with ‘The brain and the senses’, from Johann Amos Comenius, Orbis sensualium pictus. (Nuremberg, 1679) (CC BY 4.0)

This network will run from 2022 to 2024. 


How might digital humanities tools enable us to rethink our understandings of historic objects and spaces in relation to the senses? Can 3D modelling and printing help us to reconstruct the material and sensory dimensions of artefacts and architecture? In what ways is virtual reality providing opportunities for us to experience the sensory dynamics of historic places and events? What does it mean to preserve sensory heritage in cloud-based museum platforms? How are GIS mapping tools reconfiguring understandings of soundscapes from the past? 


The Digital Humanities and Sensory Heritage (DHSH) network brings together scholars, digital technicians, curators, museum professionals and performers to critically explore the multifarious ways that digital humanities tools can be leveraged to reconsider heritage and the senses.

The DHSH network is guided by the following strategic aims:


- To build a community of researchers working at the intersection of sensory heritage and the digital humanities across disciplines and sectors


- To provide a platform to share knowledge, methods, experience and best practice for digitally investigating historic objects, spaces and events in relation to the senses


- To offer an experimental space in which the latest digital humanities tools can be demonstrated and deployed in relation to heritage and to bring these insights and applications into dialogue with cultural heritage practitioners, policymakers, museum professionals and the general public


The DHSH network hosts a range of events throughout the year and it is open to everyone, whether you’re an academic, curator, technician, performer, maker or member of the public.


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International and External Collaborators and Core members:

Jean-Philippe Échard

Curator of Stringed Instruments

Musée de la musique, Cité de la musique, Paris


Vasco Zara


Universiteé de Bourgogne


Wiebke Thormahlen

Reader in Music

Royal College of Music


Richard Smith

New and Emerging Technologies Officer

Bodleian Library, University of Oxford

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