CANCELLED: 13th English Franciscan Thought Conference

13th English Franciscan Thought

King’s College London – European Research Council

29-31 May 2020

Goodenough College, Mecklenburgh Square, London

The European Research Council funded project ‘Authority and Innovation in Early Franciscan Thought (c. 1220-45) focuses on first-generation thinkers at the University of Paris, particularly Alexander of Hales and John of La Rochelle, devoting special attention to the co-authored Summa Halensis. As part of the effort to situate the early Franciscan intellectual tradition at Paris in a wider context, this conference will focus on 13th century English Franciscan thought, especially in the first half of the century. Papers will be delivered on various thinkers and themes within this tradition, with a view to highlighting the comparisons and contrasts can be drawn with the early school at Paris. The goal of the conference is to understand how ideas and texts cross-pollinated amongst the schools or were developed independently.

The conference will run from 2-6pm on Friday 29 May, 9am-6pm on Saturday 30 May, and 9am-6pm on Sunday 31 May. Please register via Eventbrite. Information on booking lunch will be sent to registrants in due course. Registration closes on 15 May 2020. Register here.


Confirmed Participants

Sophie Delmas (Paris)

Jeremiah Hackett (South Carolina)

Rega Wood (Stanford)

Neil Lewis (Georgetown)

Giles Gasper (Durham)

Mark Thakkar (King’s College London)

Nicola Polloni (Berlin)

Lydia Schumacher (King’s College London)

Riccardo Saccenti (King’s College London/University of Bergamo)

Fiorella Retucci  (Cologne)

Cecelia Panti (Rome)

Sigbjorn Sonnesyn (Durham)

Martin Pickavé (Toronto)

Richard Cross (Notre Dame)


For more information please consult the project website, Or contact the conference organiser, Dr Lydia Schumacher, Reader in Historical and Philosophical Theology at King’s College London: