A Life in the Past: Finding Your Way Round the Archives and Libraries of France in a Pre-Digital Age

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* Please note the change of room to Meeting Room 4 *

The TORCH Romanticism and Eighteenth-Century Studies Oxford (RECSO) network are hosting a series of seminars on Researching the Eighteenth Century. Building on the successful “Teaching the Eighteenth Century” in Michaelmas 2014, this seminar series focuses on various aspects of researching the period. Convened by Dr. Fiona Gatty, these sessions will provide graduate students with some insights into the challenges faced by researchers today. In each session the speaker will talk about their research for 40 minutes, followed by questions and a general discussion for 40-45 minutes.

This seminar 'A life in the past: finding your way round the archives and libraries of France in a pre-digital age' is with Professor Laurence Brockliss (Magdalen College, University of Oxford).

For more information please contact Anna Senkiw (anna.senkiw@mansfield.ox.ac.uk).

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Romanticism and Eighteenth-Century Studies Oxford

Contact name: Anna Senkiw

Contact email: anna.senkiw@mansfield.ox.ac.uk

Audience: Open to all