Affective Transformations

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The TORCH Oxford Comparative Criticism and Translation programme are hosting an event on 'Affective Transformations' as part of their Fiction and Other Minds seminar series.

'Alluring objects, scaffolded minds: how we use the world to transform our affective life'

According to an increasing number of philosophers and cognitive scientists, the mind is “situated” in the environment. Giovanna Colombetti’s work is largely sympathetic to this view, but she also sees some problems with it. One in particular is that promoters of this view still characterize the mind in “cognitivist” terms, neglecting its affective dimension. The talk will explain why this is problematic, and illustrate some of the many ways in which we manipulate and rely on material objects to transform not just our cognitive, but also our affective life. In his response, Ben Morgan will focus in particular on the ways in which literary texts can be seen to promote or hinder such affective transformations as she discusses.

Speaker: Giovanna Colombetti (University of Exeter); Respondent: Ben Morgan (University of Oxford); Chair: Naomi Rokotnitz (University of Oxford).

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