AfOx Globinar: African archaeology at home and in the diaspora: funding

Photo of grassy hills is the background. Salmon pink banner reads 'The feature of archaeology in Africa and the Diaspora. Globinar 1: Africanising archaeology and palaeoanthropology: decolonisation, race and inequality. February 19 4pm UK time.'

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Why is it that multi-national and other companies operating in Africa do not fund archaeological research by Africans in Africa but do so via researchers and centres in places such as London, New York or Paris?

How might African and diasporic archaeologists build strong relationships with private funders or African governments to grow an archaeology that is locally responsive but globally oriented?

This globinar will explore the state of African archaeology on the continent and in the diaspora focussing on the pertinent issue of funding and the role of professional associations, higher education institutions, NGOs and museums in growing the discipline.

These globinars are run by AfOx and hosted in partnership with TORCH Oxford, St Cross CollegeOxford’s School of ArchaeologyUniversity of CambridgeUniversity of Cape TownGreat Zimbabwe UniversityPan African Congress for Prehistory and Related StudiesSociety for Black ArchaeologistsSociety for Africanist ArchaeologistsSAPIENS, and Wenner Gren Foundation.

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