Animal Eyes on the Planet: Collaborative Conversations on the Climate Crisis

animal eyes

Animal Eyes on the Planet is an emerging collaboration between the Oxford-based Climate Crisis Thinking in the Humanities and Social Sciences network and the staff and students at the Üniversität der Künste Berlin (Berlin University of the Arts). Together we have begun thinking about nonhuman animals and their representation in the Anthropocene and the climate crisis. How can animal perspectives be brought into human understanding and affect human actions? How can we learn to think in more complex and empathetic ways about other than human life on earth? How can we communicate these insights and bring them into wider conversations? 


This Collaborative Conversation brings together many of those involved in the collaboration to present their ideas for responses. The short presentations will open up new perspectives in order to stimulate further thinking, broaden the disciplinary engagements, and deepen the collaboration. This is an opportunity for people who have not yet been involved in this collaboration to become part of it. The presentations are designed to suggest ways that this might happen.  


Please click here to view a recording of the event


From Berlin 

The Animunculus Collective and Timothee Ingen Housz 

Nina Fischer and Lilli Kuschel, with a project ‘Animals in the City’ and their students 


From Oxford 

Eiko Soga (Ruskin School of Art) 

Nayanika Mathur (Anthropology)


For more information on the Oxford-Berlin Research Partnership, look here and here