Ashmolean Dead Friday

live friday

LiveFridays are the Ashmolean’s late night public engagement events, involving a programme of live music, performances, workshops, and talks designed to bring the collections to life in innovative ways for up to 6,000 visitors at once. For Halloween weekend, the theme will be DEADFriday, and TORCH will be collaborating with the Ashmolean on a series of bite-size talks exploring the theme of death.

Over 25 TORCH academics will speak on a range of topics related to Ashmolean collections, including gravediggers, Hong Kong death rituals, death masks, and Victorian children’s literature.

Tickets for this LiveFriday are £5 each in advance. Tickets, if not sold out, will be £7 on the door. No tickets are required for under 12s. Please click here to book.



There will be two TORCH hotspots in the museum, one in Gallery 44 (Level 2) and one in the Headley Lecture Theatre, as well as speakers in galleries all around the museum. Please click here for a map of the Museum.


Gallery 44 (Level 2)

19.15: Hazel Tubman - 'Dear Diary, I Died...'

19.45: Jessyca Hutchens, Anita Paz, Naomi Vogt - 'Time, Death, and the Every Day'

20.15: Dr. David Birks - 'What's so bad about dying?'

20.45: Emily Knight - 'Death Masks: Facing the Dead’

21.15: Dr Steven Gunn and Dr. Tomasz Gromelski - 'Accidental Death in Tudor England'

21.45: Dr. Michele Mendelssohn- ‘Oscar Wilde's Love Beyond the Grave’

Lecture Theatre (Level -1)

19.15: Dr. Raymond Tallis - 'A View from My Corpse'

19.45: Franziska Kohlt - 'Victorian Children's Literature and Death'

20.15: Dr. Paul Roberts - 'The Roman Art of Dying'

20.45: Prof. Jane Caplan – ‘Who owns your face when you are DEAD?’

21.15: John Dunning - 'Crowley's Tarot and Egyptian Art'

21.45: Hannah Lyons- ‘Ophelia, Death and the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood’


Other Galleries

Speakers without timed slots will be speaking throughout the night in their galleries.


Level -1

19.30: Giovanna Vitelli - 'Memorializing the Tradescants' Gallery 8

20.30: James Edwards & NDORMS ‘Secrets from Beyond the Grave’ Gallery 3

Samuel Shearn 'Helping Germans Meet their Maker' Gallery 7


Level G

Fonteini Athanasiadou - 'Death on Greek Pots' Gallery 16

Bethany Sollederer - 'Death & Divinity: Evolution’s Challenge' Gallery 17

Manon Schutz ‘How to Prepare for Eternity’ Gallery 24

Solène Klein ‘Mummification, canopic jars and funerary beliefs’ Gallery 24

20.15: Loretta Kilroe ‘Pots for the Dead!’ Gallery 24

Level 2

19.15 & 20.15: Louella Matsunaga & Jason Danely 'Vengeful Ghosts and Fantastic transformations: ghosts, spirits and monsters in Japanese culture' Gallery 37

Marina Bang - 'Death in China' Gallery 38

Helen Swift - 'Who am I When I'm Dead?' Gallery 41

Elizabeth Gemmill - 'Memorial brasses' Gallery 41

Jennifer Rushworth - 'Grave Matters' Gallery 42

Richard O'Brien - 'Gravediggers' Gallery 43

Jonathan Jong - 'Contemplating Death' Gallery 46



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Audience: Open to all

A View from My Corpse
Victorian Children's Literature and Death
The Roman Art of Dying
Who owns your face when you are DEAD?
Crowley's Tarot and Egyptian Art
Ophelia, Death and the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood
Death Masks: Facing the Dead
Oscar Wilde's Love Beyond the Grave
Accidental Death in Tudor England