Becoming Cosmopolitan


Around 1900 magazines and periodicals played a key role in creating an international literary culture in which British authors and readers could encounter their foreign counterparts. Stefano Evangelista will chart this phenomenon focusing on the US-fashion-oriented Cosmopolitan and the European, multilingual Cosmopolis, which was simultaneously published in London and several other European capitals. How did the ideal of cosmopolitanism invoked by these titles play out in the pages of the magazines?

Dr Stefano Evangelista is Associate Professor of English at Oxford University. His research interests include 19th-century English and comparative literature, the relationship between

literature and visual culture, and gender and sexuality. He is currently writing a book on literary cosmopolitanism at the turn of the 20th century entitled Citizens of Nowhere.

The Oxford-Berlin Partnership events are a co-operation between the Centre for British Studies, TORCH (The Oxford Research Centre in the Humanities), the Faculty of English of the University of Oxford and Trinity College Oxford.

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