Bestiaire d'amour - Reading Group


A reading group reading the French polymath Richard de Fournival's Bestiaire d'amour, written in the mid-thirteenth century. As well as being a surgeon and chancellor of the cathedral at Amiens, he composed lyrics and wrote a remarkable parodic bestiary (medieval book of animals). We will read the Bestiaire from start to finish this year. One important focus will be to look at the text in its manuscript context and in addition to Bianciotto's edited text (Paris: Champion, 2009), we will be consulting BNF, ms. français 25566, the wonderfully illuminated base manuscript for the edition (see the attached image). PDFs of both will be provided. We are very much looking forward to getting to grips with this exciting, witty, and intellectually stimulating work.

Scholars ranging from undergraduate to emeritus professors (and everything in between) are welcome, and this group will be of potential interest to those working in the fields of literature, music, art history, and intellectual history. Those wishing to attend should contact Jonathan Morton (, indicating their area of interest and level of study/research, as well as any dietary requirements.


Oxford Medieval Studies

Contact name: Jonathan Morton
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Audience: Open to all