Brazil Week: Interdisciplinary Postgraduate Seminar

brazil week

Wednesday, March 2, 2016 - 2:00pm

St Peter's College

Theberge Room


Postgraduates from different departments and disciplines around Oxford University will present their research projects. Participants:

Hayley Jones (International Development): The role of the Bolsa Família programme and its impact on poverty

Daniel Mandur Thomaz (Modern Languages): Stepping onto an unknown island: Antônio Callado at the BBC

Rafael H.M. Pereira (Geography and the Environment): Mega-events, transport legacy and the redistribution of employment accessibility: Rio de Janeiro as a case study

This event is part of Brazil Week 2016. The organizers are grateful for the support and assistance of St Peter’s College JCR, the Sub-Faculty of Portuguese and the Faculty of Modern Languages, and the TORCH Global Brazil Network (Humanities Division). Contacts: Claire Williams,  Gui Perdigao and Daniel Mandur Thomaz.

Please note that due to building work at St. Peter’s, access to the College is via the large metal gate by the Chapel (opposite ecco) in New Inn Hall Street.


Global Brazil

Audience: Open to all