Building the Ancient Art Archive

Stephen Alvarez

As part of the Art at Saïd Business School programme, we are excited to welcome Stephen Alvarez, award winning National Geographic photographer, film maker and explorer to speak at the School on Wednesday 13 September 2017.

Of all animals, humans are the only species to make art. These durable symbols allow communication to transcend time and space. In a world before writing, they are how we recorded our first stories. Art has helped us transform our world. Along the timeline of human history our earliest ancestors recorded their hopes, thoughts and fears on rock and cave walls across the globe. The Ancient Art Archive seeks to explore, preserve and share those first stories.

Arguably making art is the one behaviour that is uniquely human. Why and when did we start making art? What can Ancient Art tell us about today’s world of image based social media? How can digital technology help us explore share and preserve our first stories?
The seminar will take place at Saïd Business School and is open for anyone to attend. Please remember that registration is required.

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