Call for Papers: Bulletin of Latin American Research (BLAR) Special Issue on “Activism

blar 2019 38 issue 3 cover


Following PILAS 2019 conference on “Communities of Knowledge, Communities of Action”, the organising
committee would like to invite academics and activists across disciplines, and at all stages of their career, to submit
papers on the (missed) intersections of activism & academia. The papers accepted will be compiled in a manuscript
which will be submitted as a proposal for a special issue of the Bulletin of Latin American Research (BLAR).
We invite manuscripts exploring the crucial, albeit tenuous, relationship between knowledge formation and public
action in Latin America. Contributions concerning subjects from any historical period or geographical location
within the general scope of interest of Latin American Studies are welcome. The aim of the special issue is not merely
to instigate dialogue between activists and scholars, but to challenge the binary divide that seems to exist between
them. The bridging of this divide will promote discussion and debate outside of the confines of academia and open
new pathways in which to undertake a broader, more inclusive type of (scholar-)activism.

We invite abstracts on topics or the representation of these topics in cultural and media productions, including but
not limited to:

● Activism and academia, scholar-activism
● Decolonising the syllabi and the university, decolonising the archive, reparation and academia
● Art-Activism, performance art, museum studies, curation and activism
● Civil disobedience, dissent, political unrest and civic engagement
● Knowledge formation and marginalised communities
● Activism and humanitarian actions
● Healthcare and activism
● Social Justice
● Activism as solidarity, strikes, coalitions and the picket line
● School strikes for climate, Friday for future and environmental activism
● Ethics and activism
● Methodology of activism and academia

Research articles should be between 6,000 and 8,000 words (including all titles, abstract and references), text should
be double-spaced and submitted in 12pt Times New Roman font.

The following information must accompany any submission:

● Author’s title, name, affiliation and position
● Article’s title and abstract (up to 100 words)
● 5 to 8 keywords
● A brief biography (up to 100 words)
● Permissions for any images used, if relevant.
● Copies of any relevant ethics clearances and disclosure of funding, if relevant.
● An acknowledgement that the work has not been previously published and is not under simultaneous
consideration elsewhere, BLAR does not accept articles for publication that have been previously
published, i.e. articles that have been formally published as a journal article or a book chapter, or have
been assigned an ISBN or DOI number.

Deadline: 1st May 2020
Please direct all submissions and enquiries to, or