Call for Volunteers | (Re)Acting Romanticism: Women Writers and Disability Workshop

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(Re)Acting Romanticism: Women Writers and Disability 

Ethics Approval Reference: [R80370/RE001] 



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We are looking for female volunteers with a disability, aged 18+, to take part in a workshop on Romantic women writers with disabilities. The outcome of the workshop will be a commissioned art piece based on the participants responses to be displayed at Wordsworth Grasmere. You are invited to participate in an online workshop for one session of 90 minutes in duration. You would be asked to discuss your own experiences of disability and the portrayal of disability in the texts we will look at. 


If you are interested and would like more information, please contact Harriet McKinley-Smith at There is no obligation to take part. Thank you!  




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(Re)Acting Romanticism: Disability and Women Writers