Cancelled: Religious Conversions - Medieval Perspectives

Religious conversions Paul

Due to industrial action taken by the staff at the University of Oxford, the workshop on Religious Conversion has been POSTPONED to Trinity Term 2018. A new date will be announced in due course.

Academics researching aspects of religious conversion are plenty at the University of Oxford. We are, however, spread over several faculties, including but not limited to History, Archaeology, Modern Languages, Music, Oriental Studies. Although we all ponder over the hows and whys of human behaviour that sometimes is quite similar even though the historical context is not, and although we present our own research at conferences, we rarely are given the opportunity to discuss with our own colleagues and present our research to our students.  

This informal afternoon event aims to bring together academics researching religious conversions, give them a platform to present their research and discuss with colleagues and students about remaining questions; to compare approaches; to outline further research strategies; and, finally, to brainstorm about possible cooperation and synergies.


1-2 pm                         Sandwich lunch

2-2.15 pm                     Preamble: Mark Smith – Tracing the Demise of Traditional Religion in Egypt

2.15-2.30 pm                 Phil Booth – Towards Miaphysite Egypt

2.30-2.45 pm                 Helena Hamerow – Anglo-Saxon female burials of the Conversion Period

2.45-3.00 pm                 Annie Sutherland – Enclosure as Conversion

3.15-3.45 pm                 Coffee break          

3.45-4.00 pm                 Almut Suerbaum – Conversion and return: refrain structures in medieval German mystical song

4.00-4.15 pm                 Christian Leitmeir – Conversion in/of song: Perspectives from medieval monasticism          

4.15-4.30 pm                 David Zakarian – Catholicism and the Armenian Apostolic Church in the Middle Ages: Conversion and Conflict

4.30-4.45 pm                 David Bowe – Conversions and agency: Dante's Piccarda and the Compiuta Donzella

4.45 pm                        General discussion

Places are limited, so registration is essential. To register, or if you have any questions, please e-mail the organisers. A sandwich lunch will be provided free of charge for attendees.

Generously supported by the Oxford Centre for Byzantine Research


Oxford Medieval Studies

Contact name: Dr. Ine Jacobs
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Audience: Open to all