Case Studies in Collaboration | Oxford University

Compton Verney

The Heritage Pathway are hosting a workshop on 'Case Studies in Collaboration: Oxford University' with Victoria McGuinness (TORCH Business Manager), Alice Purkiss (Knowledge Transfer Partnership Associate, National Trust and University of Oxford), and Dr Sophie Ratcliffe (Fellow and Tutor in English, University of Oxford).

The Heritage Pathway aims to provide postgraduate students and Early Career Researchers at the University of Oxford with the skills, knowledge and confidence to engage effectively and efficiently with a wide range of partners in the heritage, museums and cultural sector.

Through a combination of lectures, workshops and site visits led by expert practitioners, researchers will understand their research in a wider context and gain experience in the heritage, museums and cultural sector. The Heritage Pathway will open up new avenues for careers and collaborations and reinforce researchers’ ability to complete their research projects and academic tasks in a timely fashion.

The Heritage Pathway will enable participants to:

• Understand the opportunities and constraints within each sector.

• Understand the different language and vocabulary required to create successful collaborations.

• Explore how their research experience and expertise can contribute to organisations.

• Develop the skills and confidence to create collaborative research-led projects.

• Join a cohort of like-minded postgraduates and Early Career Researchers.


The Heritage Pathway offers participants the opportunity to develop their understanding and engagement with the sector through a programme of termly activities and social events. The programme engages with different themes and issues each term, building the cohort’s confidence and ability to develop research-led collaborative projects.

Workshops will run from 3pm to 5pm and be followed by drinks and networking.

In Michaelmas Term lectures and workshops will explore the scope of the sector, analyse the major opportunities and risks, and explore the economic, cultural and social significance of the UK’s heritage sector.

In Hilary Term lectures and workshops will focus on art and collections in museums, galleries and historic houses.

In Trinity Term lectures and workshops will explore the international context and explore career routes into heritage. The cohort will also receive guidance on developing their own projects with partners in the heritage sector.