Changing Lives

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The Childhood Adversity and Lifetime Resilience Knowledge Exchange Project 2017 is hosting an event on 'Changing Lives: Understanding What Enables Children Growing Up in Adversity to Thrive in Modern Britain'. This workshop is funded by the University of Oxford’s Social Sciences ESRC Impact Acceleration Account and Magdalen College, Oxford. 


This workshop will bring together invited experts with diverse expertise. By forming a network of academic and practice-led experts focused on understanding complex, contextualised longitudinal trajectories and the processes that enable positive change, the workshop will develop a new approach to providing support for children who have experienced maltreatment and adversity.


The workshop is invitation only. If you would like further information please email Siân Pooley ( and Lucy Bowes (


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Changing Lives
Childhood Adversity and Lifetime Resilience
Contact name: Sian Pooley
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Audience: University of Oxford only