Comparative Criticism: What Is It and Why Do We Do It?

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In Michaelmas 2016 the OCCT Discussion Group will follow a new format: we’ll be focussing on key issues in the methodology of comparative study. The sessions will begin with a short conversation between two senior members moderated by a graduate representative, followed by a discussion of the recommended readings. We hope to encourage graduates to think about their research within a comparative context, and contribute to creating a vibrant OCCT graduate community.

This week's event talk is on 'Comparative Criticism: What Is It and Why Do We Do It?' with Matthew Reynolds (Professor of English and Comparative Criticism) Mohamed-Salah Omri (Professor of Modern Arabic Language and Literature), chaired by Valeria Taddei (DPhil candidate in Italian and Comparative Literature)


Comparative Criticism and Translation

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Audience: Open to all