Courtly Scholasticism in the Crown of Aragon

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16.00-16.15.- Welcome and Opening Remarks (María Morrás, University of Oxford & MIMSS)

16.15-16.45.- Sadurní Martí (ILCC, Universitat de Girona), “Troubadour Clerics” 

16.45-17.00.- Discussion

17.00-17.30.- Miriam Cabré (ILCC, Universitat de Girona), “Learning and Laughter in Late Troubadour Culture” 

17.30-17.45.- Discussion

17.45-18.15.- Ann Giletti (Faculty of Theology and Religion, University of Oxford), “Poetry and Reason: Scholasticism in a Medieval Poem” 

18.15.- Discussion and closing remarks

(Coffee and tea will be served from 15.30)


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Oxford Medieval Studies

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