Creative Cities: Knowledge of Nature and Networks of Science First Workshop of the Oxford-Charles University Prague International Network in the History of Science, Medicine, and Technology

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Welcome (Tomáš Hermann, Jacques Joseph, Erica Charters, Rob Iliffe)

Session 1: Disciplines and Disciples
Chair: Cornelis Schilt

Adam Radechovský (Prague)
Natural Philosophy at Charles University before 1400 – The Science of the Soul in the Aristotelian Commentary Tradition

Lucia Bucciarelli (Oxford)
Galileo and his disciples: building and spreading a new mathematical world

Kateřina Pařízková (Prague)
The (Im)possible project of Alexander von Humboldt

Coffee and Tea

Session 2: Methods and Professions
Chair: Jacques Joseph

Ivan Loginov (Prague)
Czech botanist Bohumil Němec in the context of the formation of modern plant physiology

Dianne McMullin (Oxford)
Lifting a Profession: Physical Ergonomics in the United States

Šárka Hádková (Prague)
Space, Pheriphery and Forest Protection Rituals


Session 3: Politics and Knowledge
Chair: Vojtěch Hladký

Lucie Nováková (Prague)
Similar ideas in two different worlds: two philosophers of science in the 20th century, Edgar Morin and Zdenek Neubauer

Mikhail Nakonechny (Oxford)
GULAG hidden death rates: early release on medical grounds in 1930-1955

Roman Figura (Prague)
The Legacy of Aristotle and the Research of Forms

Coffee and Tea

Session 4: Modern Knowledge
Chair: John Lidwell-Durnin


John Shepherd (Oxford)
Policing the 'Predelinquent': Psychiatry, Surveillance and the Criminology of Risk in Berkeley, California, 1905-1935


Jan Musil (Prague)
Biotypology in Czechoslovakia (1930-1960): eugenics, industrial medicine and anthropometry


Rhiannon Bertaud-Gandar (Oxford)
Sharing sanitary intelligence in the Red Sea, ca. 1865-1914 (tbc)

Closing remarks

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