Critical Visualization Lunchtime Seminar

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Each of our network lunchtime sessions will feature two 10-minute talks, that won’t be necessarily related beyond the fact that they broach an aspect of visualisation.

For our 15th February session - 12:30 -14:00 at St Luke’s chapel, we will hear from:

Wenbo Guo,  DPhil student, Transport Studies Unit, School of Geography and the Environment at Oxford, who will talk about:

geographical practices and thinkings on critical visualisation

From maps to geographical information system (GIS) and beyond, geographers study and visualise place and space to learn more about the world, and the cultural turn and interdisciplinary insights are now providing more knowledge on critical visualisation.

and from:

Ségolène Tarte, Senior researcher at the e-Research Centre, Oxford, who will propose a topic on drawings and proofs:

In maths, drawings and schematics are used as a support to think with, but they can never serve as proofs. Proofs live in the domain of the purely rational, and, in today’s mathematical thinking, drawings do not. What is the nature of the relationship between drawings and proofs in other domains, such as computer assisted design, or printing?



Critical Visualization

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Audience: Open to all