Cross-Disciplinary Phenomenology: A Readiness for the Questionable

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This event is run by the School of English at the University of Kent and supported by Oxford Phenomenology Network. Through cross-disciplinary questioning and discussion, this one day symposium will reasses extant assumptions about phenomenology. Phenomenology has inspired countless pieces of art, literature and music, and has influenced disciplines as diverse at theology, anthropology, ecology, architecture and nursing. Edmund Husserl thought of phenomenology as a 'first philosophy', a philosophy of a 'radical beginning'. Maurice Merleau-Ponty re-evaluates this notion when describing the body-subject as a 'perpetual beginner' whose existence is grounded in continous interrogation of perceptual experience. Similarly, Martin Heidegger thought of phenomenology as a 'readiness for the questionable'. Through effective questioning, this symposium will discuss and compare phenomenological scholarship and practice across academia and other professions and arrive at a clearer sense of why there is a growing interest in phenomenology in the 21st century.

The convenors of the event are Dr Ariane Mildenberg, Dr Cleo Hanaway-Oakley, and Matthew Carbery.

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Oxford Phenomenology Network

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Audience: Open to all