CultCommWar Workshop Four: American Wars, American Memory


A one-day interdisciplinary workshop considering the distinctively American practices and politics of war. Funded by the British Association of American Studies and the US Embassy.

Free and open to all. Please register here

Participants include John Horne, Layla Renshaw, Sam Edwards, Jan Tattenberg, Kristin O’Donnell and Robert Cook. The keynote speaker is Sarah Wagner, who will be talking about her book Bringing Them Home: The Identification and Commemoration of Vietnam War MIAs.

CultCommWar (@CultCommWar) is an interdisciplinary seminar series which considers the practices and politics of war memory across time, initially funded by a British Academy Rising Stars Engagement Award. You can read more about the series on the British Academy website and the Oxford Arts blog, and in this Times Higher Education article about how the series has sought to champion emerging and early career scholars.

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Cultures and Commemorations of War

Audience: Open to all