Decolonising Queer Geographies

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How do questions about queerness and geography intersect with debates in critical and decolonial geopolitics? Can we queer debates about imperial geographies and embodied experiences of race and gender? How do anti-imperialist struggles build solidarities with queer movements? How are questions about home, empire and body co-implicated in these debates? 

Divya Tolia-Kelly, University of Sussex
'Queering Imperial lines of thought and violence: Juxtaposing the structures of the academy and the museum'

Gavin Brown, University of Leicester
'Articulations of sexuality and solidarity through anti-apartheid campaigning: tales from the Non-Stop Picket'

Milo Bettocchi, University of Nottingham
'Anxious Notes Towards a Queer (?) Autoethnography: Writing the House of Brag'

Cordelia Freeman, University of Nottingham 
'Queer Borders'

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