Digital Humanities at Oxford Summer School


The Digital Humanities at Oxford Summer School (DHOxSS) is an annual training event next taking place on 14 - 18 July 2014  at the University of Oxford for academics, researchers, project managers, research assistants, and students of Digital Humanities. DHOxSS delegates are introduced to a range of topics including the creation, management, analysis, modelling, visualization, or publication of digital data for the humanities. Each delegate follows one of our 5-day workshops and supplements this with guest lectures by experts in their fields.

DHOxSS is a collaboration for Digital.Humanities@Oxford between the University of Oxford's IT Services, the Oxford e-Research Centre (OeRC), the Bodleian Libraries, and The Oxford Research Centre in the Humanities. DHOxSS 2013 is directed by Dr James Cummings.


Digital Humanities
Digital Humanities at Oxford Summer School

Contact name: James Cummings
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Website: DH@OxSS home page
Audience: Open to all