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Would you like to set up your own crowdsourcing project? It's easy! All you need are a few sample images* and some ideas about the kinds of data you would like to use in your research. In this session we'll use the free Zooniverse project builder to create projects. It takes less than an hour. We'll talk about some crowdsourcing basics: what makes a project compelling for members of the public? How can you break down complex research questions into crowdsourcing tasks that will provide you with the data you need? How much time and commitment does crowdsourcing require? 

Victoria Van Hyning is a British Academy Postdoctoral Fellow (2015–2018) based in the English Faculty and Pembroke College. She is also the Zooniverse Humanities PI. Her projects include AnnoTate , Shakespeare's World and Science Gossip . 

*Images should be 600kb or smaller: the smaller they are the faster they'll load


Humanities & the Digital Age
Digital Humanities

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