Digital | Visual | Cultural 2


Digital | visual | cultural is a series of events exploring the causes and consequences of digital visualising technologies on ways of seeing. Please check out the website, and follow us on twitter and instagram.

For our second event—and our first of 2019—digital | visual | cultural will explore how the idea of the ‘public’ is being remade by digital visualising technologies. Benedict Anderson and Michael Warner both famously argued, in somewhat different ways, that the mass media were in part responsible for addressing and convening publics from the early nineteenth century onwards. What imagined publics are now being convened by digitally-produced images?

The second digital | visual | cultural event will take place over two days, 7 and 8 January 2019, at St John's College in Oxford, and will explore what kinds of publics are convened by various kinds of digital visuals. We'll be paying particular attention to the visualisation of urban pasts, presents and futures. The first day of discussions will be followed by a reception for all participants. You can find out more about our amazing range of speakers and topics here.

The event is free but we ask you to book via the event webpage here.

We look forward welcoming you to Oxford in January.

Gillian Rose with Sterling Mackinnon, Adam Packer and Oliver Zanetti


Humanities & the Digital Age

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