digital | visual | cultural -- Shannon Mattern


For this inaugural event digital | visual | cultural is bringing Shannon Mattern from the New School, NYC to deliver a keynote lecture entitled Fifty Eyes On A Scene:

"This talk replays a single urban scene from the perspective of several sets of machinic and creaturely eyes. By trying on the seeing subjectivities of other lookers, we can examine how various visual organs and tools render the world perceptible and knowable, and how that operationalization plays out a politics of recognition within the visual field."

Shannon is the author of Code + Clay, Data + Dirt: Five Thousand Years of Urban Media (Minnesota University Press, 2017), and her talk will be followed by a reception.

digital | visual | cultural is a series of events exploring the causes and consequences of digital visualising technologies on ways of seeing. 

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Reception with nibbles and drinks after.

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