Discussion Group: Multilingualism

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The Oxford Comparative Criticism and Translation programme is hosting fortnightly meetings, led by graduate students and early-career researchers. This term's theme is Multilingualism. For preparatory readings and other details, please check on the OCCT website, facebook page, or email Karolina.Watroba@magd.ox.ac.uk

Multilingualism is an important and often overlooked phenomenon in world literature. This discussion group will consider the phenomenon of multilingualism from linguistic, literary, cultural, political and philosophical perspectives. We will evaluate both historical and contemporary debates about the origin and function of language, as well as the complex and ever-changing relationship between language, knowledge, authority, and identity. In examining the pervasive but often invisible force of multilingualism in literature, we welcome participants from a wide range of fields. This discussion group interrogates the role that multilingualism plays in literary production and theory, examining both local and global multilingual practices. Can multilingualism be used as a critical framework to destabilize the concept of national literature, leveling the playing grounds for literary analysis? Recognizing the relationship between language and power, can the multilingual writer ever be neutral? How does multilingualism manifest itself in a seemingly monolingual text? To what extent is language choice a political choice? What is the relationship between multilingualism and creativity? In answering these questions, we hope to generate productive discussion about the comparative potential of multilingualism in literary criticism.

OCCT is a Divisional research programme supported by TORCH and St Anne's College. Convenors Prof. Matthew Reynolds, Prof. Mohamed-Salah Omri, Prof. Ben Morgan, Dr Sowon Park, Prof. Adriana X. Jacobs, Prof. Patrick McGuinness, Prof. Jane Hiddleston, Dr Xiaofan Amy Li, Dr Valentina Gosetti. Co-ordinator: Dr Eleni Philippou.

www.occt.ox.ac.uk; http://www.facebook.com/CompCritOxford; @OxfordCCT

Comparative Criticism and Translation

Contact name: Karolina Watroba
Contact email: Karolina.Watroba@magd.ox.ac.uk
Audience: Open to all