Displaying LGBTQ+ Histories in the Museum: Possible Aims and Strategies

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RBP will draw on his experiences as a consultant for the British Museum's exhibitions 'Desire, Love, Identity' at the British Museum, and 'No Offence' at the Ashmolean to consider the academic and political issues that face a curator. The practical issues of terminology and style of presentation will be discussed in relation to three parts of the Ashmolean display: the Introductory panel, the Ain Sakhri case and the 'Maurice' case.

Richard Bruce Parkinson is Professor of Egyptology at the University of Oxford and a fellow of The Queen’s College, Oxford, specialising in the study of Ancient Egyptian poetry of the classic period. Drawing on his research on the ‘subaltern’ aspects of ancient poems, he has also published on LGBTQ+ history across world cultures. Previously, he was a curator in the Department of Ancient Egypt and Sudan, The British Museum.


Queer Studies Network

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