Diversity and Mental Illness

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Diversity and Mental Illness

Date: 24th of October 2018, St Catherine’s College, Manor Road, OX1 3UJ

The workshop is a part of TORCH’s annual headline series Humanities & Identities

Organizers: Marcin Moskalewicz & Bill Fulford

8.30 Registration

8.45 Welcome

9.00 Michael A. Schwartz (Texas A&M) Celebrating conformity – not diversity – of human personality and temperament

9.45 Giovanni Stanghellini (University of Chieti) In search for pheno-phenotypes: The example of feeding and eating disorders

10.30 Refreshments break

10.45 Mohammed Abouelleil Rashed (Department of Philosophy, Birkbeck University of London) Madness and the limits of recognition

11.15 Edmund O'Toole (National University of Ireland, Galway) The Psychopathologizing of Diversity

11.45 Rhys Southan (University of Oxford) No Depressives and No Autistics: Challenges for Accepting Neurodiversity

12.15 Maren Behrensen (University of Münster, Germany) & Sofia Kaliarnta (HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht, The Netherlands) The Politics of Depression and Depressive Politics

12.45 Lunch Break

13.45 Posters session (see below)

14.45 Victoria Allison-Bolger (Lancaster) What delusions tell us about ourselves

15.15 Abdi Sanati (East London NHS Foundation Trust) Delusions in the age of diversity

15.45 Refreshments break

16.00 Camillia Kong (Department of Psychiatry, University of Oxford), The Hermeneutics of Recovery: Facilitating Dialogue Between African and Western Mental Health Frameworks

16.30 Francesca Brencio (University of Zaragoza, Spain) Living as human being. From homo natura to homo existentia

17.00 Closing remarks

Posters Session

Shiri Gonen Avital (Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan) Cultural diversity among parents of children with Learning Disabilities from four ethnic groups in Israel
Roxana Baiasu (Oxford University) The Privilege of the Mental Otherness Standpoint
Valeria Bizzari (University of Heidelberg), A Spontaneous Transgressive: Asperger’s syndrome and common sense
Sarah Chan (Oxford) The Minority Mind as a Theory of Mental Disability
Helen Chen (Copenhagen) How The Therapist's Pre-Existing Knowledge Can Bias The Psychotherapeutic Process
Kata Dóra Kiss (University of Pécs, Hungary) The Advantages of the IPA method in diagnostic processes
Renata Łukiewicz-Kostro (The John Paul II Catholic University of Lublin), Katarzyna Szczekala, Anna Goś (Medical University of Lublin) Insane or the Wise?! Search for Unity within Diversity.
Dorota Halina Kutyła (University of Warsaw) Istina Mavet's "Folly", which is not what Foucault has
Domenico Melidoro (Luiss University of Rome) Dealing with Diversities: Ethnocultural, Physical, Mental
Kevin Sludds Depression – Our Friend in Wolf’s Clothing
Dominik Stosik (Wrocław Medical University) Neurodiversity – What will a person-centered approach to mental disorders gain from assuming the diversity perspective?
Andrew Sutcliffe (King’s College London), The Resurgence of Temperament: Might classical ideas find modern expression
Monika Syc, Jan Godyń (Cogito Academy of Leaders, Krakow, Poland) Movement of experts through experience – the Cogito Academy of Leaders – counteracting stigma of mental illness

Humanities & Identities

Contact name: Marcin Moskalewicz

Contact email: moskalewicz@gmail.com

Audience: Open to all