Early Franciscan Intellectual History Oxford Workshop Series

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All are welcome at a series of workshops sponsored by the European Research Council funded project, ‘Authority and Innovation in Early Franciscan thought (c. 1220-45)’, which is directed by Dr Lydia Schumacher, Senior Lecturer at King’s College London and Visiting Fellow at All Soul’s College. The workshops will explore in depth the Summa Halensis, a collaboratively authored text by early Franciscan scholars, which laid down their intellectual tradition for the first time.



  • Alexander’s Commentary on the Rule in Relation to the Summa, Neslihan Senocak
  • From Lex aeterna to the Leges addictae: John of La Rochelle and the Summa Halensis, Riccardo Saccenti,University of Bologna
  • Prayer and Place in the Summa Halensis: Franciscan Identity and Emplacement, Timothy J. Johnson, Flagler College
  • The Eucharist in Early Franciscan Tradition, Marcia L. ColishYale University
  • The Identity between the Soul and its Powers in the Early Franciscan School, Ana Irimescu, Institut de histoire et de recherche des textes, Paris
  • Providence and Causality in the Summa Halensis Corey Barnes, Oberlin College
  • The Two Principles in the Summa Halensis, David D’Avray, University College London
  • Universals in the Summa Halensis, Antoine CôtéUniversity of Ottowa


To register, please contact Tom J. Savage at least 2 weeks in advance at thomas.savage@kcl.ac.uk. Lunch will be provided to workshop participants on a first-come, first-served basis, so register early!


Oxford Medieval Studies

Contact name: Lydia Schumacher
Contact email: lydia.schumacher@kcl.ac.uk
Audience: Open to all