EMPRES: The Art of Noises V(irtual)

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Oxford University’s EMPRES Collective and Modern Art Oxford once more join forces to present a series of innovative performances and installations that explore the boundaries between music, art and technology.

This time they are joined by celebrated performance artist and researcher Atau Tanaka; film-makers Henrietta Williams and Merijn Royyards; and finalists of the EMPRES Prize 2020 – a call-for-works ran during the first 2020 lockdown focusing on Collaboration, Collectivity and the Digital Arts.

Individual events will be streamed nightly on YouTube through the week, all starting at 7:30pm.


Monday 23 November, 7.30pm | EMPRES AWARD 2020 Finalist: Alice Hackney, Ananda Kupfer, Sarah Catterall and Sophia Hambleton-Grey – MIXER//SHREDDER

Watch live here:




MIXER//SHREDDER is an ongoing sound art piece that mimics the parasitic nature of a virus as it passes through a sequence of willing hosts.

Born in the early weeks of COVID-19 isolation, a group of first year students at The Ruskin School of Art laid out some simple instructions. Participants were to: 1) select four images, 2) organise them into a sequence, 3) send this sequence to the next host in the chain via email, and 4) upon receiving the images, modify them using any digital tools available (e.g. Photoshop).

As the group met over video call, they became aware of the intermittent sounds of households and noisy electronic devices echoing across the digital space, which led them to focus on a new medium: sound. Facing a second lockdown, the group revisits MIXER//SHREDDER, delving into film and continually infecting new mediums.